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o Yona by Mizuho Kusanagi. All art, fanfiction, works etc...." /><"" />
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Here’s a Yona sticker design for later! With my work-sleep-work schedule these are taking FOREVER, but hopefully I’ll finish them someday :’‘) I might put these up on tictail or something once I figure out where to get them printed (and once the whole set is done!)


Abi meets Ao (the squirrel, obviously 😂) !
I’m pretty sure he would react like that 😁


AkaYona is getting a new stage play adaptation. It will be performed from Nov.15 - Nov. 25 this year. 

Yona: Ikoma Rina

Hak: Yabe Masaki

More information to come in future issues. 


Character Challenge By HANAKUMAMII

Day 30:
⌐ A character you will love and remember for the rest of your life.•
Hak »


Let me see your smiling face, okay?

i haven’t done a manga coloring in a long time but…. i couldn’t resist when i saw this panel


We are SO close to unlocking the first stretch goal, which includes a new 4x6 print, and 3 new die-cut stickers! These will go to every physical order but we have to reach the goal first! 

We also still have some bonus Yona buttons as well if you preorder a physical copy soon!! Unlike with the stretch goals, the button is limited to the FIRST 50 physical orders! 

Preorders close in 5 days!! Let’s do this! 


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It’s the soft boi from Akatsuki no Yona, Shinah! First time drawing from the series, I need to draw the rest of the dragons sometime too ;-;


@tatzebea Here you have dear.