Pervado Cheveux 24 "65 CM Jumbo Tresses Synthétique Extensions De Cheveux de Crochet Deux Ton Ombre Tressage Cheveux En Vrac Brun Rougeâtre Blonde

expression kanekalon, extension de cheveux jumbo

Pour Cheveux Tresses

Strectch length 36 inch 48inch(folded length 18in 24inch). 100grams jumbo hair. Jumbo tresses kanekalon. Black to blue light blue ombre synthetic braiding hair. Wignee. Crotchets tresses. Silky strands. Brown braiding hair. Crochet tresses noir cheveux. Jumbo crochet braids hair. Free shipping expression braiding hair. Wholesale cheveux twist. Wholesale 7811 femmes. Aw002-2. Deux couleur à tricoter. Blond braiding hair. 60 ombre colors(2t,3t,4t). Accessoires de voiture intérieur. Wholesale ciseaux de coiffure. 

Aidy 20

H1020. Pour tressage cheveux. Coiffures pour cheveux. Box braid hair. Cheveux synthétiques pour poupées. Extension de cheveux. Usually 6 pieces can make a full head. Appareil à tresser. Items per package: Color 1, 1b, 2, 4, blue, purple, pink, yellow. Strength length(unfolded):82inch(folded):41inch. Recommend quality: 100g/piece. 1 pcs only in per package. Tressage cheveux coloré. 3 brins/pack. 

Orange Cheveux

Cheveux africain. Steering wheel cover. . Alileader. Dreadlocks. Crochet braids synthetic hair. Leeven ombre tresse. Silike. Synthetic braiding hair. 100g pure color and ombre color kanekalon braiding hair. Aw002. 

Cheveux Femmes Extensions

Extensions rebondissements. Chorliss. Type de motif: 24 inches. Ombre jumbo braid hair. Ombre braiding hair. Taille: Ombrebraidinghair001. Nom du modèle: Stretched hair length: Kanekalon jumbo tresse deux tons. 

o Yona by Mizuho Kusanagi. All art, fanfiction, works etc...." /><"" />
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Here’s a Yona sticker design for later! With my work-sleep-work schedule these are taking FOREVER, but hopefully I’ll finish them someday :’‘) I might put these up on tictail or something once I figure out where to get them printed (and once the whole set is done!)


Abi meets Ao (the squirrel, obviously 😂) !
I’m pretty sure he would react like that 😁


AkaYona is getting a new stage play adaptation. It will be performed from Nov.15 - Nov. 25 this year. 

Yona: Ikoma Rina

Hak: Yabe Masaki

More information to come in future issues. 


Character Challenge By HANAKUMAMII

Day 30:
⌐ A character you will love and remember for the rest of your life.•
Hak »


Let me see your smiling face, okay?

i haven’t done a manga coloring in a long time but…. i couldn’t resist when i saw this panel


We are SO close to unlocking the first stretch goal, which includes a new 4x6 print, and 3 new die-cut stickers! These will go to every physical order but we have to reach the goal first! 

We also still have some bonus Yona buttons as well if you preorder a physical copy soon!! Unlike with the stretch goals, the button is limited to the FIRST 50 physical orders! 

Preorders close in 5 days!! Let’s do this! 


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It’s the soft boi from Akatsuki no Yona, Shinah! First time drawing from the series, I need to draw the rest of the dragons sometime too ;-;


@tatzebea Here you have dear.